Rainy running – keep the streets empty

It doesn’t rain very often in Solana Beach but when it does it looks like this:

A rainy Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach

I just got back from a run on what I think is the rainiest day we have had since I moved here in May.  There is a little over two months before I am due to run my first marathon.  Since I signed up I have slowly been increasing the frequency and length of my runs.  I don’t feel ready yet so it is a good job I have a few months still to go.  I had a back injury about a month ago that put a hold on any running for a week, and since then I have had to incorporate lots of yoga and core strength work into my marathon training.

I also began working downtown 5 weeks ago which has restricted my opportunities for running but plenty of people manage to run marathons and work full-time jobs so there is no reason I can’t as well.

Today was one of those runs that reminded me of running in England and Costa Rica in the pouring rain.  It is a pretty good feeling to be bombing along and sucking in lungfuls of air and rainwater, while jumping over puddles.

The rain today wasn’t so strong, kind of like an English rain but without the freezing wind, the rain is there and it is all around you.  Running in the rain in Costa Rica was a totally different experience, everything was rain.  The water and the earth become the same basic element during a tropical storm.  Running in it means you also become rain.  I have been less wet in the bath than I was while running in the rain in Costa Rica.

Another good thing about rainy running is that you often have the streets to yourself.  One musical highlight of the run today was this song which captured the mood in my head perfectly:

If you would like to encourage me in my marathon venture I am collecting donations for the ASPCA, you can make a donation here.

Domo arigato gozaimas.

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