Back to the beginning in São Paulo

Do people still write, and read, blogs? When I used to do this it seemed like everyone was blogging about something. Nowadays I rarely read blogs. Maybe everyone’s attention span got shrunk by Twitter’s character limit and Snapchat’s expiring photos.

After three years of personal upheaval I feel drawn to this blog again. I am still coming to terms with everything that happened to me, or that I created, over the past few years.

One feeling that I am left with, more than any other, is that it all has to mean something, right?

I left England, my home, more than 11 years ago. I have visited since then but not for long. I have lived, worked and travelled in Asia, Australasia, Central America, North America, South America and Europe. I’ve read many books, listened to lots of good music, connected with lots of interesting people, eaten food and drank drinks that I never would have, I’ve had more money than ever before, and been down to my last dollar, I’ve been surrounded by people and suffered from crushing loneliness, I’ve swum in rivers, lakes, and oceans, climbed mountains and slid down them, I’ve had and lost a family and numerous jobs, I’ve hurt people and been hurt, and still… I don’t know what I’ve learned from all this. Why did I do everything? Is a public blog the right place to wonder about it all?

Does it even matter what it was about? I wanted to do it all and I did it.

What hasn’t changed? I’m still obsessed with football, travel, cycling, music, books, food, coffee.

Now I’m writing from the biggest city in South America, São Paulo. It is truly massive.


So to get this blog rolling again, expect some photos and stories from São Paulo. It’s big, crowded, hot, with vast differences in wealth. And a lot of fun.

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  1. Rero Daniels says:

    Great post….
    I also have a blog that I have since abandoned, hope to also get back.
    Welcome back and hope Liverpool make the top 4☺

    1. Alistair says:

      Haha thanks mate. I hope you get back into it too. Liverpool… I am less confident about though. But you never know. Big game this weekend.

  2. Yes people do still read blogs. Be careful of São Paulo. It’s where people go to die.

    1. Alistair says:

      Hi Cathy – thanks for reading.
      São Paulo is a lot of fun. It’s one of my favourite places.

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