Fever Pitch

I had a Nick Hornby moment yesterday.
We went to a farewell party for a colleague of a friend. It was a beautiful, warm Southern California afternoon. Spring had a spring in its step. Sunshine, birds were singing, there was a slight breeze.
The party was outside, in a park near a river. People were drinking beer and eating grilled food. There were games and children running around. Mums were sitting under a canopy talking about waxing and babies.

I didn’t know any of these people. They all looked happy. But what was I supposed to say to them? What was I supposed to talk about?

All I could think about was, Sunderland have just beaten Chelsea. And, 77 undefeated home games for Mourinho. Until yesterday. When a win would have taken them above Liverpool at the top and put the pressure well and truly on the Red Men. But they didn’t get it. They lost. An on-loan Liverpool player scored the winning goal.

How am I expected to think about anything else? And now? We have beaten Norwich. 5 points clear. Raheem Sterling is dynamite.

My friend asked me yesterday, how does one go about celebrating a Liverpool title triumph? Last time, 24 years ago, I had to go and do my paper round after we clinched the league. This time I can’t even think about celebrating. I have no idea what I’ll do, if it happens.

3 more wins. Then I’ll think about it. Then maybe I can talk to strangers again.

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  1. rerodan says:

    It’s a great time to be a Liverpool FC supporter, it’s great to know we are all in the spirit and are united behind the team, just a few days ago I watched the American version of Fever Pitch, it followed the triumph of the Boston Red Sox after 84 years of waiting. There are many parallels, like John Henry the Red Sox owner, is also the Liverpool FC owner, Red Sox waited 84 years, while the Reds have waited 24 years.

    3 more games, we dare to dream, we believe!!!

  2. rerodan says:

    It’s great to know that Liverpool FC fans the world over are united behind the team, From Liverpool, to the US, Nigeria to South Africa, we all believe. Just a few days before, I watched the American version of Fever Pitch, which followed a passionate fan in the year Boston Red Sox won the Championship.
    Many parallels can be drawn, , Red Sox had not won for 84 years, the Red men had not won for 24, John Henry owns both teams…
    3 More games, we dare to dream, we believe!!!

    1. Alistair says:

      Thanks for reading mate.
      I just can’t believe how good we’ve been this year.
      Real pressure now though…

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