The best thing on the internet?


The Guardian football website today posted this ‘Joy of Six’ – that totally ruined any chance I may have had at productivity.  But it was so enjoyable.  What are your six favourite football clips on YouTube.  There was so much good stuff.

Watching the clips, old and new, reminded me just how much I love this game, and just how important it has been to me throughout my life.

These are my favourites:

Negrete’s sideways bicycle kick in 86. This tournament is the 1st World Cup I really remember, when I realised there was football outside England, and magical footballers.

Liverpool handing Notts Forest a 5-0 pasting. Beardsley’s turn and pass for the 2nd are as good as anything else on this wonderful thread. I have the full 90 mins of this on VHS, but it’s thousands of miles away. I was pleased to find this on YouTube.

For the sheer joy of watching a young talent show the world what he can do, Michael Owen v Argentina.

Cambiasso’s goal v Serbia in 2006 – total dominance.

The second best night of my life, I was on row 17 of the Kop. If you listen carefully at 9 seconds in you might hear me totally losing the plot. It may have been ‘shit on a stick’ but I have never experienced an atmosphere like it.

Lastly, this is sheer poetry, even if Coldplay are the soundtrack…


(Honourable mention must go to Neymar for this, his flick & step-over to beat the last defender, at that pace, while holding off the other guy… quite extraordinary.)

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