I was going to write about how much I like baseball, and how I am looking forward to seeing a couple of Padres games when we visit the US next month.  Mainly I was going to write about pointless the Home Run Derby and All Star Game are…  But instead I am going to write about a man I met, and mainly by his far out ideas.

He is not from Costa Rica and has an interesting job but that is not the remarkable thing.  He told me about how he used to be a member of a group who had regular contact with aliens.  The aliens would only speak to a female member of the group and she would pass the information on, but the other members could ask questions about whatever they wanted.  Sometimes they would answer, sometimes they wouldn’t.

The aliens normally communicated via voices in the woman’s head, it began with a ringing sound in one ear and then the voices started.  She did meet the aliens on a number of times, the first time they took her on to their space ship via a large bubble that floated her up to it.

The aliens gave her lots of information such as the theory of evolution isn’t true.  We are not descended from animals, rather 4 races of humans were transplanted onto earth from other planets.  They also were giving her information about geography and long numbers that she couldn’t understand as she wasn’t very well educated.  I don’t know why they didn’t begin to give the information to someone who could understand them.  I hope this information wasn’t important.  Luckily the aliens agreed not to give her any more information that was difficult to understand.  This began in the 1980’s and finished at the end of the 1990’s, which was because the aliens stopped contact, something they do so as to prevent the humans developing a dependency on them.  There are apparently around 80 groups in the world these aliens are in touch with, although the groups are forbidden from contacting each other and from giving any details to the media.

The man I met had other experience with aliens, he witnessed a UFO sighting once.  I think this one, as his description was exactly the same.  He was also interested in crop circles.  He had returned to his home country in 2003 and there were 3 instances of crop circles near his house.  He had plotted their locations on a map and found that they made a triangle with his house at the centre and if you followed the direction the triangle pointed to, it led directly to the Sphinx in Egypt.  He believes that there are some underground installations deep under the Sphinx.  Also that there is a time capsule hidden in the neck of the structure, and one day an earthquake would cause the head to fall off and reveal the capsule which contains information to be used at that time.

He also told me what was going to happen in 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar.  It is not going to be the end of the world thankfully, although the Earth is going to shift on its axis.  Currently the earth’s axis is at a tilt of around 23.4 degreed, in 2012 the Earth will tilt to 90.0 degrees.  Minus 23.4 from 90.0 and what do you get?  66.6, the real meaning of this number apparently.  It will also be the number of the population on the planet at this time, 6.66 billion.  Many people will die, particularly those living in coastal regions, but many will also be evacuated by those helpful aliens.

In meeting with him he told me that he believes he was helped by aliens with a problem he had with his leg.  He had excruciating pain in his left femur, and awoke one day to find an oval-shaped bruise on his left thigh with a small puncture mark in the middle and no pain.  He still doesn’t have a sore left femur.

He also gave me over 100 pages to read of what is supposedly an interview with a scientist who worked for a shadowy US government organisation.  This organisation’s main job was to copy alien technology for use on Earth.  The scientist was translating alien documents (from Sumerian to English for some reason…) when he discovered he empathised with the aliens.  The scientist then defected and told his story to a reporter.  Two of the interviews appeared on the internet and then 6 months later were changed and the scientist and the reporter disappeared.

My friend told me that the original copy of the interviews didn’t exist on the internet.  I think this is it here and here, it seems to match what he gave me.  If you can’t be bothered reading it, and there is no reason why you should, basically the story is this:

There are many different alien races in touch with humans.

One is coming to get us.

They make hybrids from humans and robots.

A mysterious agency has been copying alien technology to defend us.

The US government knows about some of this but not all.

The US government has been in collusion with other races of alien for many years.

We may be in danger or we may be saved by this amazing technology if it can be developed in time.

It is all going to happen after 2011.

God is real and you should believe in him.

People can turn objects into other things.

Be nice to other people.

Listen to New Age music.

Just for the record I don’t believe a word of this.  More news as this breaking story develops….

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