Quarter finals preview – day 2

Game 1:
Germany v Argentina
I am really looking forward to this game.  Both of these teams have tried to play football in what I believe is the “right” way.  With an emphasis on passing, movement and fluid attacking play.  Germany were too good for England and Argentina were too good for Mexico in their last 16 games.  It will be a shame that one of these nations will have to leave after this game.  Looked at objectively Argentina are the favourites.  Messi has not yet managed to set the tournament alight but he has played well nonetheless.  This game is be made for him to show the world what he can do.  Germany’s young side should not be overawed by the famous names facing them, they have earned their place in the quarter-finals on merit.  Messi may not have shined but Mesut Özil certainly has.  The German playmaker has been one of the top five players of this tournament and even though he missed training on Thursday he has a big part to play in this game.  This World Cup has certainly provided plenty of shocks so far (Brazil, France, Italy…) and has shown how difficult it is to make any predictions about games.  With that in mind I think Argentina should win but I hope they don’t and Germany do.

Game 2:
Paraguay v Spain
Paraguay’s last game against Japan has been labelled as the worst of the tournament so far.  This is a little harsh on the Paraguayan side as at least they were trying to play.  Their reward is a game against their former colonial masters and the first time Paraguay has played in a World Cup quarter final.  They are here by virtue of 2 draws, a victory over Slovakia and a penalty shoot-out against Japan.  Spain are playing against the third of their former colonies and should expect to lord it over Paraguay.  David Villa has been in outstanding form, and I for one am very excited to see how he will fit into an already impressive Barcelona side next season.  The success of David Villa has diverted attention away from the poor performances of his strike partner Fernando Torres, coach Vicente del Bosque has said he will stick with Torres for this game.  Torres is a great player and has not suddenly forgotten how to score, he will come good eventually and this may be the game when he does just that.  Spain deservedly beat Portugal in their last 16 game.  I believe they will be too good for Paraguay.  After Brazil’s defeat to Holland today Spain have to be confident they can be World Champions.  I am tempted to make them my new favourites to win the whole thing but after tipping Brazil yesterday I am reluctant to jinx Spain in the same way.  Let’s just say it would be great if they did win…

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