"Who will win the World Cup?" poll results

My hotly debated “Who will win the World Cup?” poll has now ended, sorry to everyone who tried to vote but couldn’t get through.  Demand was unprecedented and I think the servers at Google crashed due to the extra traffic the 6 votes generated.  Anyway the results are in and a little inconclusive:
Brazil & Argentina are tied for first place with 2 votes each.
Spain suffer the ignominy of being tied with England for second place, each garnering 1 vote each.  If I was Spanish I would be disappointed to be lumped in the same category as that over-rated shower of s**** from England.
For what it’s worth I think Brazil will go on to win it.  Simply because they are the most complete football team in the competition.  Unlike other teams they have everything.  Spain and Argentina may be more talented in certain areas but for sheer quality and self-belief it is hard to look past Brazil.  But wouldn’t it be great if Ghana won it?!  Yes, yes it would.

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  1. Alistair says:

    Ha! I think you replied to the wrong post…

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