We are currently in the run-up to my second World Cup outside of England. But this isn’t stopping me from getting excited… I am glad to be missing out on the tabloid crap of all or nothing swings from either ridiculously high expectations to England are the worst team in the world. That aside I am also missing the England flags everywhere, the feeling that the whole country is coming together to watch a few games (apart from my Mum), Match of the Day and of course Panini. At least it will be easier to deal with the inevitable disappointment when England go out at the quarter finals on penalties again.

Anyway to keep me going until kick off I have been watching some of my favourite World Cup goals, Bergkamp, Cambiasso, Tardelli, Carlos Alberto, Owen, Maradona, Negrete, Letchkov and of course, this…. They think it’s all over…
Come on England!

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