Sports teams I like

With the principle of only supporting teams I have actually seen play, this is who I like…

Liverpool FC, first game in 1988. Most amazing night – 2005 if you listen carefully, amongst the cacophony at 9 seconds in is me losing the plot…  There have been many other games, and I am currently writing a chronicle of my visits to Anfield during the 2004-05 season, where I tried to go to as many Liverpool home games as I could.

The first game I ever went to: Preston North End vs Chesterfield 1987, PNE’s first game in the Barclay’s Third Division after getting promoted. They had just signed Frank Worthington too…

Final score 0-1.


TSV 1860 München in 2004 against Hannover and they lost 0-2…

They got relegated that season and haven’t got back up since. Fun day though, beer in the ground!

It may be sacrilegious but the other German side I have seen play are 1860’s local rivals, FC Bayern.  In 2010, I went to the Bayern v Nürnberg game.  So now I follow FC Bayern, as well as 1860.


I saw Liverpool play Valencia twice while Rafa Benitez was the Valencia manager, once in 2002 in the Champions League. and once in a friendly game in 2003.  They were superb, Liverpool couldn’t get the ball off them.  These two games plus the away leg of the Champions League tie in Spain are probably what got Rafa Benitez the Liverpool job.


I went to my first NFL game this year, luckily for me it was the Superbowl in Texas.  I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan through association.  I wrote about the trip here.


San Diego Padres – my new obsession following a 1-10 defeat to the Colorado Rockies in July… They’ve been pretty good since then though…

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